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In the spirit of the GNRC, people of faith who are concerned about children come together on a volunteer basis to build upon and combine their efforts to build a better world for children Propose a project.


The GNRC Secretariat welcomes volunteers who wish to take part in changing the lives of children. To send a resume and a brief summary of the work you are doing with and for children, send us an email.

Through this volunteer program, the Global Network of Religions for Children office in Nairobi hopes to bring together people of different faiths who have a passion to change for better, the lives of children in their own small way.  

Visit our Resources page for a list of resources intended to help GNRC members and partners work together more effectively for and with children.

If you have suggestions about further resources to add here, please contact us.

The GNRC has several social media channels were members, partners and friends engage in an active dialogue on the latest challenges facing children and share best practices and solutions. We invite you to join the discussion!

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