Our Invitation, Our Mission


We Invite You…

In their heart of hearts, all people know that every child is a sacred gift, an inheritor of the Earth, and a messenger of hope and peace. Everyone understands that children deserve a better world. People of every religion feel a special responsibility to pray and take action so that every child could one day live in dignity, safety, wellbeing, and joy. Yet this yearning is universal, and people of faith are not alone in their efforts. Wherever people of diverse backgrounds come together to practice the deeply human values of justice, respect, and self-sacrificing love, the children of the world come one step closer to assurance of the care they desperately need.

Children who know they are safe, treasured, and loved change the world. They grow up to be compassionate adults, vibrant people who bring the gift of peace to everything they touch—their families, their communities, their nations, the globe. If we but care for the hearts of the children of today, a future of world peace is not far away. This is the vision of the Global Network of Religions for Children, and we invite you to join us on this journey to a planet of peace where we all rejoice in the glory of life.

Our Mission

The Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), as a dynamic worldwide alliance of religious organizations and people of faith and good will, is inspired by deep conviction and impelled by a sense of responsibility to uphold the rights and dignity of children everywhere, convinced that this is the most direct path to a world of peace and justice for all. Steadfast in belief in the infinite value of every human life, and in the shared universal values and common humanity of all peoples, the mission of the GNRC is to empower ordinary people at the grassroots level to make unique faith-based contributions to the realization of every child’s right to attain full physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, moral and social development, which can only take place in a caring and protective environment.

Offering an open space for interfaith dialogue and action, the GNRC works to realize these commitments through prayer and action, fostering respect for and celebration of religious and cultural diversity in all of its work. Convinced that children are themselves builders of a better world, the GNRC strives to empower children to develop their spirituality, to live in solidarity and confidence with people of all beliefs and cultures, and to make powerful contributions, as world citizens and stewards of the Earth, to peace and dignity for all.

Mobilizing the potential of all religions to become a positive transforming force and inviting the solidarity of people from all walks of life, the GNRC seeks partnership with leaders, individuals, and communities, international, national and regional institutions, grassroots organizations, and people of good will everywhere. 

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